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To complete my overall foul mood for the past couple of days, I get this brought to my attention first thing this morning. 

Clearly this is directed at me. and I want to address it out of complete boredom.

As far as my ‘problem’ I have millions of them I wish he would have elaborated on them so the whole world can know just how crazy I really am.

My addiciton, well that’s a completely different matter.  I don’t know if he’s referring to world of warcraft addiciton, or that little problem that I had in the 90’s were I was blowing truck drivers for meth, and big macs.

Either way, I don’t know why he decided to post this almost 5 months after I broke up with him and left him at the hospital in Duncan.  He has a new boyfriend now from what I’ve managed to deduce from facebook creeping.  Maybe he should concentrate his energy on stealing his credit cards, and draining his bank account.


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Hated it.
Shoulda never put down “The Hunger Games” (yes, I’m finally reading it). 

HOW CAN YOU HATE THAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?! 

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Hydnora africana is a subterranean, parasitic plant visible only when it blooms. The cage-like flowers imitate the smell and texture of a rotting corpse, attracting insects who become covered in pollen as they struggle to escape the rather tricky prison.

is that a

Even the description omgggg.

This is why I’m gay. Absolutely terrifying! 

  • Too old
  • Dead
  • With someone else
  • In another country
  • Not attracted to me
  • Celebrities
  • Fictional 

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It now includes male rape victims, oral and anal penetration, as well removes the requirement of physical resistance. Still a ways to go, but I applaud the progress.

I just watched this movie:

And cried for close to an hour afterwards.


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